DIY Easy Wire Wrapped Knuckle or Midi Ring Tutorial


The tutorial is about how to make two simple wire midi rings or knuckle rings. To make wire wrapped ring, you can do it very fast as it is very easy to do. From other leftover wire that you use to make another projects, you can make lots of this wire wrapped knuckle ring. What makes this ring special is that because it is adjustable and comfortable to use.

Step 1. Supplies

Before making the midi ring or the knuckle ring, you need to prepare the supplies. What you need to prepare are:

  • Marker as the finger size
  • Wire cutter
  • Pliers
  • Wire

Step 2. To make the first ring, what you need to do is take the wire and then measure it into four or five inches. Cut the wire. Then, bind this wire circling the marker one time. Make sure that the size of the marker is like the size of your finger.

Step 3. Bind the wire one more time until you get three layers of the wire circling the marker. Then, remove the wire off the marker. For the remaining wire, trim them off using the wire cutter.

Step 4. Concentrate on the wire ends. Make sure that you have two wire ends. Take the pliers and start curling each end of the wire. The final result of the ring should be like the picture.

Step 5. After the first ring is ready, now it is time to make the second ring. Just as previous ring, cut the wire in four or five inches long. Bind this wire circling the marker and make sure that the ends are crossing each other. Cut any remaining wire. Join the ends of the wire by making them crossing each other.

Step 6. Take the pliers and twist the wire ends as shown from the picture.

Step 7. Then, on the opposite direction of the curled wire, bend the wire down using the finger. The final ring should be similar to what is shown from the picture.

Step 8. Repeat step #5 to #7 to make one more ring. Now, you already have your knuckle ring.

The knuckle ring or the midi ring is another fascinating project which can be made by pre-teens or teenagers. They can have many variations or creativities in making the rings. The prize of the ring supplies, that is, the brass wire or the copper wire, is not that expensive. You can also make larger rings which are suitable for adults.