Easy Steps to Make Bright Bead Necklace

Easy Steps to Make Bright Bead Necklace

The necklace made in this project consists of colorful beads and chain. The combination of beads and chain will make the necklace long enough that you can double or triple the necklace based on your personal preference.

Layered necklace

The trend in the jewelry making nowadays is the layered necklace. Basically, the beads and the chain are easy to make and you can make your own design by choosing various beads with different colors and sizes as well as to pick your own chain from the style of the chain up to the length of it. You can personalize the necklace to meet your style.

Step 1. The supplies that you need to prepare to make a layered beaded necklace for this project are:

  • Beads
  • Lobster clasp
  • Wire cutter
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • 6mm jump ring in silver
  • 20 gauge cooper wire in silver
  • 2mm silver cable chain sized 12 to 20” long

Step 2. Make up some beaded connectors from wire and beads. You can make any numbers of beaded connectors as they depend on the design and the length of your layered necklace. If you want to make 32” necklace, you can make 12 beaded connectors.

To make the beaded connector, you have to cut the wire for 4” long. At 1” from end, bend the wire to make the loop using the round nosed pliers. Then, circling the 1” tail around the wire below the loop to completely close off the loop. Circling the tail for about 3 times and cut the excess wire to leave only the loop.

Step 3. Insert bead mix or bead into the wire. On the loose end of the wire, repeat the same step to make the loop. Make sure that there is enough space between the loop and the bead to wrap the wire with some circling wire tail. Then, after the loop is done, circling the extra tail 3 times on the wire below the loop. Cut the extra wire. Repeat this step to make another beaded connectors.

Step 4. Next step is to connect all the beaded connectors with chain. First, cut the chain into several parts using the wire cutters. Make sure that the chain is cut evenly so that the small chains will have the same length.

Take the jump ring to connect each end of the chain with each end of the beaded connector. Keep the same patterns, that is, bead, chain, bead, chain, and so on until you only have two chains at the necklace ends.

Step 5. Insert the lobster clasp into the chain ends. As the beaded necklace is long, you can wear it based on your preference. You can slip the necklace over the head or you can double the necklace. If you want to double or triple your necklace, the lobster clasp can be really helpful for you.