How to Make a Pair of Handmade Pearl Beaded Dangle Earrings


General Information

There are a lot of ways to make dangle earrings. The point of this accessories is its length and elegance. For this reason, the combination of wire and beads would be perfect.


  • Before starting the project, don’t forget to prepare the following items:
  • 4 pieces of white pearl beads (6mm)
  • 26 pieces of white seed beads (3mm)
  • 12 pieces of purple oval beads (6mm)
  • 8 pieces of blue round beads (8mm)
  • golden aluminum wire (1.5mm)
  • golden jewelry wire (0.3mm)
  • a pair of golden earring hooks
  • a pair of golden headpins
  • a pair of golden jump rings
  • plier (needle nose, diagonal and round nose)

Step By Step Guidance

Step 1. Measure 20cm length of aluminum wire and cut it. Find the middle point and twist a loop on that spot. Then, add more small loops using both wire ends. To do this, put the right wire to the left side while making a loop. Repeat the process with the wire on the left side.

If the jewelry makers are doing the process properly, there should be at least four loops on each side. To lock the wire loop, make a snail shape in the end tail. Cut the leftover wire.

Step 2. It is time to make the dangling parts. Take three headpins and put them on the table. Also prepare 14 small white beads, six purple beads, and three blue beads.

In two headpins, thread the following pattern: one small white bead, one purple, one blue and one purple with the white bead in between. The last dangling accessories should be longer; simply add more small white beads in the end.

Now take the jewelry wire and slip one pearl bead into it. Tie the wire to the middle point of the aluminum. Repeat the process with one blue bead and another pearl bead.

Step 3.  Assemble the bead threaded on the pinheads to the aluminum wire. Put a jump ring in the middle of aluminum center bottom. Take jewelry wire and wrap it on the ring, attaching it to the aluminum build.

Using needle nose plier, bend the pinhead top to the snail tail on both sides. Make sure the longer one placed in the middle of the aluminum wire.

Now put the completed dangling earrings to the hook. Repeat the process to make the second earring. It will be done in no time!