How to Make Beautiful Crimp Bead Earrings

How to Make Beautiful Crimp Bead Earrings

Step 1. Prepare tools and materials needed to make the earrings. The tools and materials are:

  • Wire cutter
  • Flat nosed pliers/round nosed pliers
  • Crimp pliers
  • Ear wires and crimp beads
  • Beads sized 4mm atau 6mm
  • Stranded beading wire

Take the beading wire and cut it for 2 inches. You can cut the wire longer than 2 inches if you want to make longer earrings). Insert the wire into the earring wire and then bend the wire so that you will have one part of the wire is longer than the other end. Insert the crimp bead on both wire ends and pull the bead up closer to the earring wire.

After the crimp bead is located closer to the earring wire, close it with the crimp bead pliers. Then, take another wire with the same length as previous wire and repeat this step to make one more earring to make it a pair of earrings.

Step 2. Take two different coloured beads in the same size. Attach one bead into one end of the earring wire and close the end with the crimp bead. You can close the bead using the pliers. Take the remaining bead and insert this bead into the second wire end. Don’t forget to close the end with crimp bead. Push the bead up and insert the crimp bead. Close it later on with pliers. Repeat the same step to the second earring. The look of the earring should be like in the picture.

Step 3. Cut two strands of wire with the same lengths as previous wire that has been made into the earring. String one wire into the earring wire as like the previous one. Don’t forget to also insert the crimp bead into the bending wire. As the project only uses three strands of beads, the remaining wire is being cut with wire cutter. Hold the earring wire and check if the third wire is shorter than the other two strands. Make necessary adjustments on the length of the wire stands and cut it if necessary to make it shorter.

Then, insert the bead into the wire and close the end of the wire with crimp bead. Repeat the same step for the second piece of earrings. If you have finished, the look of your earrings should be like in the picture. Your pretty earrings are ready and now you can wear them!