How to Make Bracelet with Multi Strand, Bead, and Leather Tassel in Easy Steps

How to Make Bracelet with Multi Strand, Bead, and Leather Tassel in Easy Steps

You can make this bracelet only from colorful beads and one leather cord. It is very simple and the steps for making the bracelet are also easy to follow. You can try making this bracelet by yourself at home. You can make some variations on the beads’ colors and also the leather cord’s colors. So, are you ready to see how this beautiful bracelet is made? Here we go!


  • Side cutting pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Golden headpins
  • Golden end caps sized 8mm
  • Pink suede cord
  • Golden spacer beads
  • Golden tube beads
  • 8x6mm faceted color glass beads
  • 6×4 faceted color glass beads
  • 10mm jade beads
  • 8mm jade beads
  • 8x6mm faceted clear glass beads
  • 4mm white pearl beads
  • 3mm golden acrylic beads
  • 5mm memory wire

Step 1. Take the memory wire and make three circling strings which fit into your wrist. Cut the wire with the wire cutter. Take one wire end and create a small loop on it. Start threading the beads from another wire end. First, slide golden acrylic beads followed by colorful beads with mixed arrangements. Then, slide some tube beads.

Step 2. Continue sliding the beads with the same arrangements until the first string of the wire is completed with the beads. For the second string of wire, slide several white beads. After the white beads, slide some golden beads. Then, slide some faceted beads.

Step 3. Keep sliding the beads until the third string of the wire is also filled with colorful beads. The color and size of beads can be modified based on your preference as long as you maintain the same arrangements from the first string up to the third string of wire.

Step 4. After all the wire strings are filled with beads, make a small loop into the end of the wire. Use your round pliers to make this loop.

Step 5. To finish the bracelet, first, you have to create two links of single bead. The beads are one jade bead and one clear bead. Attach each bead with the golden headpin. Then, make a loop at the headpin top. Then, attach these two beads into one bracelet loop.

Step 6. Take the pink suede leather cord and make some cuts. After the pieces are ready, insert the cords inside the end cap using glue. Make sure that the inside parts of the cap are filled with the cords.

Don’t leave any loose space. These cords are going to be used as the bracelet tassel. After the tassel is set, attach the tassel cap into another bracelet loop which is free from linked beads.

Step 7. The final look of your colorful bracelet with tassel should be like the picture. Make some adjustments if needed.