How to Make Cord Crimps – Wire Jewelry Tutorials


Start collecting the supplies for making your own cord crimps. The supplies are:

  • 16 gauge wire
  • Strong adhesive
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Jewelry stock block
  • Nylon hammer

If you think that 16 gauge wire is too heavy for you, you can use another wires with smaller sizes like 18 gauge for this project.

Step 1. If you want to make the cord crimp diameter in at least 5mm, you can use the round nose pliers’ base for circling the suitable diameter cord crimp. Grip one end of the wire with the round nose pliers. Make sure to position the wire end at the bottom part of the pliers. Let the wire sits securely on its spool. Don’t make any cut yet.

Step 2. Then, start curling the wire around one jaw of the pliers. You can make three to four curls. However, when you start tighten the curls; the cord will be thinner and longer. It is better to have longer curls as it will provide more space for the cording and definitely will be much stronger grasping the cording.

Step 3. After the bending is completed, twist the wire end up to create the top loop. First, pull the end up a bit so that you will have some space to insert the nose pliers inside it.

Step 4. Insert one jaw of the nose pliers into the space that you have created previously. Then, grip the wire and start bending the wire straight up.

Step 5. Use the pliers to sharpen the wire bend once more time. Then, to deal with any loose space, you can use the pliers to squeeze the cord crimp so that each curl is tight to each other.

Step 6. Make adjustment on the bending angle. Make sure that you have 90 degrees angle. Next step is to create the top loop. Use the pliers to create the loop.

Step 7. Cut the excess wire. Cut directly in the even position with the top rim.

Step 8. Push the wire end into the loop edge.

Step 9. Hammer the loop top on the jewelry block and use a hammer. It is to make the loop strengthened.

Step 10. Check the loop position. Make sure that the position of the loop is straight and right in the middle of the cord crimp. You can make some adjustments to make your cord crimp better.