How to Make Easy Beaded Necklace


When it comes to necklace, you have two choices: spending $50 or even more to buy a fancy necklace at a store, or you can save up your bucks to make one. What you need are a couple of tools, a bit of creativity, and some time. In return, you can get a necklace of your preference with the style, color, and design of your choice. Don’t worry if you think you are not a DIY-person because we guarantee you can make this easy beaded necklace:

  • Purchase stainless steel wire. The kind of wire you need here is the ones with 49, 21, or 19 strands that are nylon coated. The number of strands indicates how durable the necklace will be.
  • Measure and cut. Measure your necklace length to get the desired length of the necklace. To get the right measurement, make sure you know what kind of necklace you want. If it is a choker, the necklace needs to be tighter. On the other side, if you want a necklace, the wire needs to be longer. Apart from that, if you want to use a clasp, add 3 up to 4 inches to the length.
  • Pick the beads of your choice. Choose the bead patterns that you like for the necklace. Make sure the pattern of the bead is already decided before you string the beads onto the wire.
  • Make a knot at one of the wire’s ends. This knot is used to hold the beads so that they won’t fall off from the necklace. Make sure you make a bigger knot if the beads you are using are big. Tie the wire twice to get a bigger knot.
  • Thread the needle. Insert the wire through the hole of the needle. This needle is used to ease you job in attaching the beads to the wire. You can skip the use of needle here if you use a thicker wire. However, the thicker the wire, the more dexterity is needed.
  • Start attaching the beads to the wire. Attach the beads one by one by poking the needed through them. Then, slide the beads down the wire until they reach the knot that you’ve made. Continue attaching the beads until you finish threading all the beads into the wire of the necklace. After that, remove that needle and make another knot at the other necklace’s ends.
  • Finally, tie both necklace’s ends together. You can use either a double knot or a square knot to secure your necklace. Your necklace is ready to spice up your look!