How to Make Easy Tassel Beaded Bracelet

How to Make Easy Tassel Beaded Bracelet

If you want to make something new and easy, you can try making this simple tassel beaded bracelet. The instructions given below will be easily understood. But, before starting to make the project, you have to gather all supplies needed. The supplies that you need to prepare are:

  • Jump ring
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Elastic bracelet string
  • Scissors
  • Beads sized 6

Step 1. Start making the tassel

Wrap the thread circling the four fingers of your left hand. Make at least twenty times but you can make less or more wrapping. It depends on the thickness of the tassel that you want to create. Then, take the thread from your fingers and insert the jump ring into it. Position the jump ring at the center of the thread. Cut one piece of the thread sized 8” long.

Bend the embroidery thread into two with the jump ring as the center of the twist. Take the piece of thread that you have cut previously and wrap it circling the tassel top, particularly on the spot below the jump ring. Then, tie the thread with several knots to make it secured.

Step 2. Use the scissors to cut the bottom part of the thread. After it is cut, trim the tassel bottom so that you have the even bottom. If you like the uneven look of the tassel, you can just leave it as it is. Or, you can make your tassel shorter. You can also adjust the thickness of the tassel by reducing or adding the thread wrapping.

Step 3. After the tassel ready, next step is to make the beaded bracelet. Take the elastic string and cut it with 12” long. Make one knot at one string end. Insert the needle at the other end of the string.

Insert the beads into the elastic string through the needle. After you get your desired bracelet length, insert the tassel into the elastic string. Then, make a knot to secure the beads and the tassel. Connect two string ends and tie them altogether.

Step 4. Your pretty beaded bracelet with tassel is ready!

You can also make another beaded bracelet with tassel to add more collections of your jewelry. As summer is going to start soon, you can wear your handmade bracelet everywhere. You can also pick the colors of the beads and the tassel to match it with your outfits. Isn’t wonderful to be creative with this handmade jewelry!