How to Make Turquoise Beads Dangle Bracelet with Jade Beads

How to Make Turquoise Beads Dangle Bracelet with Jade Beads

General Information:

Jade beads are the new muse in jewelry making. It offers different shine from plastic or pearl beads. If you are looking for easy and simple bracelet to make, then this project is a perfect start. After mastering the technique, you could even personalize the style to your taste.


  • several charms in different shape
  • 1 pack of round beads (gemstone, 8mm)
  • 1 pack of round mala beads (rosewood, 8mm)
  • 1 pack of metal beads (5mm)
  • 1 pack of metal beads (7mm)
  • 2 pieces of metal beads (rondelle, 3.2mm)
  • 1 pack of stretch magic cord (clear type, 0.7mm)
  • glue for jewelry purpose
  • bead stopper
  • scissors

Step By Step Guidance:

Step 1. Measure the length of the cord for the project. Use your own wrist as real model then add around 4 inches extra. Slip in one charm to the cord and put it in the middle.

Take one rondelle bead and the 5mm bead. Guide both beads to stay on the sides of the charm. Then, install the bead stopper next to one end of the cord.

Step 2. To make the bracelet pretty, you need several bead color variants on each line. The planning should be done before the project start. You could also vary the gemstone bead size: 8mm and 5mm beads alternatively. The standard cord length could have three patterns in total.

Step 3. Install another bead stopper on last end to prevent the beads slipping from the cord.

Step 4. Move to the next line beading. Follow this pattern: 7mm beads, 8mm mala bead and the 7mm again. Do this process until you get five pairs. Attach bead stopper to secure the line.

Step 5. Glide the beads again, using the previous pattern. This time, try to vary the number and size of the beads. Don’t forget to match the length with your wrist.

Step 6. Gently remove the bead stopper and lay the strands to make circular shape. If you have the perfect curve, tie the cord end with a knot. Stretch the bracelet a bit while tying the knot. Cut any extra cord hanging from the knot, but leave 1/8 inches.

Step 7. Apply glue on the knot to keep its position and form. Avoid dropping the glue directly; and use applicator to lay the coat instead. Before the glue dry, slip the knot to mala bead hole.