Long Pearl Necklace

Long Pearl Necklace

Among any stones in the world, pearl is one of the most desirable item. It has special shines, so the craftsmen could tell the difference in a glance only. Now what about making one long necklace using pearl? Don’t worry, no special skill needed. It even takes minutes to complete the process.


  • Ivory tone glass pearl beads, 4mm
  • Ivory tone glass pearl beads, 6mm
  • Ivory tone glass pearl beads, 8mm
  • Eye pins
  • Several chain strands
  • Lobster claw strap
  • A pack of jump rings
  • Pliers

Step 1.

Make a pearl bead link. Take the 8mm beads and use pliers to make loop on each end. You are going to need approximately 18 links. It is better to make more, just in case you want longer necklace.

Step 2.

Using similar step, you are going to make more bead links out of the 4mm and 6mm beads. It should be 35 of 4mm beads and 21 of 6mm ones.

Step 3.

Follow this order to make the long bead chain: one 4mm, one 6mm, one 4mm, one 6mm, one 8mm, one 4mm, one 6mm, one 4mm, and one 6mm. Make another nine bead link using similar order. In total, there will be ten bead links.

Step 4.

Make another bead links. The new order is: a 4mm, a 8mm, a 4mm, a 8mm, a 6mm, a 4mm, and 8mm. You have seven beads for this link. Repeat the process to get four more bead links. In the end, you will get five links.

Step 5.

Prepare the silver chain. You need eight strands. Each of the strand is 7 cm long. Use ruler to help you measure the exact size.

Step 6.

Take one ten beads link and one seven bead link. Connect these links using the silver chain.

Step 7.

Now you can repeat similar process for the rest of bead links you have on the table. There will be one very long chain. Keep in mind to put the chain between the seven and ten beads link. Refer to the picture if you need help. As the finishing touch, get the silver chain on both ends. Make sure to leave space for the clasp and jump ring.

Step 8.

Attach jump rings to both ends. Take a lobster clasp and install it on the jump rings. There you are: the fancy necklace made by you.