The Tutorial of Beaded Tassel Necklace

The Tutorial of Beaded Tassel Necklace

Lots of DIY lovers love tassel. It is really a unique addition for jewelry especially for necklace. If you love tassel too, you may be interested in this jewelry making project. This is about making a beaded tassel necklace. The main materials are beads and the main part of this necklace is the tassel. Let’s make one!


  • Jewelry String / cord
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Beads
  • 4 pieces of crimp beads
  • 1 piece of jump ring
  • 1 piece of embroidery floss or thread

Step 1. Take out the wrapper of the embroidery thread. Get one of the thread’s ends and go forth and back the length of the thread for eight times. Then cut the thread off.

Step 2. Take the one you just cut off and fold that piece in half. Position the piece so that it is off center. Make sure one side of the piece is longer than the other one. The longer side needs to be longer than the embroider thread’s length. Cut the piece so that you can make 2 pieces of floss. Meanwhile for the shorter piece, place it off to the side for a while.

Step 3. Grab the longer piece. Fold the piece in half and fold it in half once again. Add a jump ring at the center by sliding through the folded floss.

Step 4. Grab your embroidery thread and make the thread perpendicular. Place the thread on the top of the jump ring. Then tie the folded piece two times on the thread securely and tightly.

Step 5. Fold the embroidery thread down to make both sides touching. Place the jump ring at the center. Adjust whenever needed. Make sure that it is not easy to be move. If It is loose, you need to repeat doing the previous step to tie the piece tighter.

Step 6. Hold the embroidery thread tightly using one hand. Pinch the thread a bit down from a jump ring to make the tassel’s head. Then, grab small piece of the embroidery thread that you cut in step two and wrap the thread while you are pinching.

Step 7. Keep wrapping the thread until you get the desired look. Make sure that the wrapping is neat and tight enough. Once you are done wrapping, tie a knot. You can also tie the knot once again to add extra security. Then, trim off the excess floss using sharp scissors.

Step 8. Still using scissors, unloop the tassel’s bottom.

Step 9. Determine which one will be the front part of the tassel and then cut the tassel’s bottom to make it even using sharp scissors.

Step 10. Take your jewelry cord and cut it to be some inches longer than the length of the necklace.

Step 11. Grab your crimp beads and place the beads beside the very last bead you strung. Next, grab your pliers and squeeze the bead tightly to make the cord not budge.

Step 12. Place 2 crimp beads on one of the cord sides. Then, add the tassel on the cord. Next, grab both cord ends and string those ends in crimp bead.

Step 13. Pull both cord ends tightly to close your necklace and to clamp crimp beads on one of the sides with pliers. Make sure that the cord is not visible. Finally, cut off the excess cord.