DIY 3-Colored Paracord Bracelet for Men


The paracord bracelet made in this project is using brown and black paracord with the red stripe. The bracelet is buckled with gold buckle sized 5/8” thick. This bracelet is very suitable for men who want to look stylist and macho at the same time. The 3-colored paracord bracelet is also very simple to make. The instructions given in this project can be easily followed and understood.

Step 1. Collect the materials for this project. Basically, you just need two colored paracord of the same length, that is, 4 to 5 feet. The project chooses black and brown paracord. Then, for the stripe, choose red paracord with 10 to 12” long.

Step 2. Take two threads of paracord with the same length, that is, black and brown. Connect the ends of the paracord by melting them altogether. Just pretend that what is being shown in the picture is black and brown paracord.

Step 3. After the two cords are connected, make a loop using one color of the paracord and insert it into the bottom side of the female buckle from the top side.

Then, insert two free ends of the paracord into the loop that you have made and pull them out until you make the Larkshead knot.

Next, insert the two free ends of the paracord into the male buckle from top to bottom sides. The look of the paracord and the buckle should be like the picture.

Step 4. Make some adjustments on the length of the paracord. You can try circling the paracord around your wrist to get the exact size of the bracelet. Then, measure the length of the bracelet using the ruler. The wrist size in this project is 7 1/2”, so the length of the bracelet is 8 1/2”.

Step 5. Insert red paracord into the bracelet to add some color. String the red cord from the male buckle top down to the bottom. Make sure to leave 1 to 2” short end from the male buckle and let it free. String the long part of the red cord down in between of black and brown paracord.

Step 6. Here is the look of the bracelet top. You will be braiding the paracord down from this top. You can start braiding the brown colored paracord.

Step 7. Place the brown cord above all cord.

Then, string the black cord down above the brown cord. Then, string the black cord below the cords and up throughout the loop made from brown cord.

The knot that you just made needs to be like in the picture. Make any necessary adjustment if needed. Then, tighten the knot to make the first Cobra knot.

Step 8. Raise the red cord up and make the other knot using the same step #6 and then tighten the knot.

Step 9. Lower the red cord and make the knot above the red cord. Continue the process until all red cord is being braided by black and brown paracord. Then, turn over the bracelet and string the red cord below three parts of the braids and pull the black and brown cord to secure the knot.

Step 10. Cut the excess cords with knife and then burn them to make them melted into the bracelet. Now, your 3-colored bracelet is ready to wear!