How to Make Ethnic Bracelet with Multi Strands and Bead


General Information:

Looking for stylish and smart look jewelry? Then take this multi-strand bracelet into your next DIY list. It takes beads from different shadow into one bracelet, combined with the wire strand. Just in case you are not familiar yet with bead caps, the beaded ethnic bracelet project would show you how to use it.


  • 1 pack of gray beads (small size)
  • 1 pack of gray beads (medium size)
  • 1 pack of glass beads (Czech style, faceted)
  • 1 pack of Faux pearls
  • 1 pack of crimp beads
  • jewelry wire
  • 1 set of jewelry pliers

Step By Step Guidance:

Step 1. Prepare the wire for the beads. Measure the proper length, using your own wrist as sample. Give extra length. Otherwise, the finished product would be too small to use, since the diameter of the beads would take the space as well.

In separated small containers, mix the beads for each line. When arranging the beads, use scotch tape on the end of the wire to hold the beads at place. Repeat the process until all lines have been set.

Step 2. After you arrange separated lines, pull of the scotch tape and bring the strand together. Make sure it shows the bracelet form you want. If needed, make some adjustment by removing or adding the beads. Then gather them and tie them all in bead cap. Slip the cord to the holes in bead cap.

Step 3. Don’t forget to arrange crimp beads on the next string. The other end should use toggle clasp, helping you with the process.

Step 4. Bring the end of the wire for a turn and goes back to the crimp bead. Using the needle nose pliers, bend the wire until it is flat. This flat knot will lock the beads line. Now take the cutters to adjust any excess wire of the tail part.

Step 5. This is the last chance for you to fit the bracelet. Put it on your wrist and see whether it grasp your wrist too tight or not. Add more beads if the beads bracelet leaves any red marks on your skin. It is better to restart the project than forcing your wrist to bear the pain. If the bracelet fits well, then crimp the last toggle clasp.

Step 6. Now you have the pretty handmade bracelet. Love this idea? Make another one by combining some colors!