How to Make Layered Necklace with Three Pendants

How to Make Layered Necklace with Three Pendants

Are you obsessed with necklace? If yes, the tutorial below will really suit you best! This tutorial is about making layered necklace with three pendants. Three pendants equal three layers of the necklace. Don’t worry! The layering process is not difficult! The jewelry making process itself is not complicated. As long as you have gathered up all the supplies and make sure you follow every step below, you won’t say the necklace is difficult to make!


  • Pendants or charms or gems (prepare a couple of them in different colors and sizes)
  • Chain (with the color of your choice. In this example, the chain is in gold color)
  • Pliers (to open and close jump ring)
  • Wire cutters
  • Jump rings (prepare a couple of them)
  • Clasp
  • Measuring Tape (it is optional. You can substitute it with ruler or other measurement devices)

Step 1. Grab you wire cutters and the chain. Cut the chain to the desired length. As you are going to make 3-layer necklace, you need to make 3 cuts of the chain, each of which with different length. To get the right length of the necklace, you can measure the size of your neck and determine the length of the necklace you want.

As the reference, take a look at the following picture for every necklace’s layer’s size. The outer layer measures 23 inches, the middle layer measures 19.5 inches, and the inner layer measures 14.5 inches.

Every layer takes around 4 – 5 inches difference in length. This length difference will give a room for the pendants or charms or gems to hang. So, make sure that you don’t give too little difference of length for each layer.

Step 2. Next, thread in the pendants to every chain cut. Vary the pendant in every layer to get the best final look. Don’t forget to choose pendants in the right colors that suit the color of the chain.

Step 3. Grab your pliers and jump rings. Then, open the jump rings. The jump rings will be used to connect all the layers.

Step 4. Now, secure each chain to the jump ring. Do this to both sides of the chain.

Step 5. Once you are done securing all the chains, now it is the time to insert the clasp to the jump ring at both ends of the chains. After all are done, you are all set! Your layered necklace with three pendants are done and ready to use!