White Cream Silver Gold Floral Lace Choker

White Cream Silver Gold Floral Lace Choker

One of the must have item for autumn is choker. This accessory is worn around the neck, accentuating the length of it. The most popular choker is plain colored choker, but lately lace gets its own fans. Many creative ideas spring from the craftsmen, one of them is lace choker with beads.


  • a pack of Swarovski crystal, any size , any tone
  • a pack of mixed silver charm
  • a set of lace (you can trim it from old clothes)
  • a pack of jump rings, 4mm
  • a pack of jump rings, 6mm
  • one lobster clasp
  • ribbon
  • super glue
  • pliers, flatnose
  • one scissors

Step 1

Take the lace and spread it on the table. No need to cut. Measure the length needed. Put one end on the front part of your neck and wrap it around. Mark the spot where the lace meet the end. Make sure not to choke yourself. Make it slightly bigger for safe option.

Take ribbon or cord. Sew it to each end. You can do it by using needle and thread, but sewing machine offers tidier and stronger result.

Then install the jump rings, the 6mm one. Make sure that each end has their own jump rings. Don’t forget to put the lobster clasp on one side only.

Step 2

Take out the charms you have prepared. Before putting the charms to your lace, plan the position first. If this is your first DIY project, then simply add one for every curve or any floral pattern on the lace. Those who are already familiar with lace decorating might try the other way.

Prepare the 4mm jump ring. Attach the jump ring to the middle part of the lace. Use pliers instead of empty hand. Make sure to lock the ring tightly after attachment. Otherwise, the rings might drop.

Put the glue and the charm on the preparation table. You also need an eye pin or pins to apply the glue on the small charms. Using the tool you have, take enough amount of glue. Too much glue will show on the lace. Dab it on the flatbacks. Put the glued charms on the lace.

Repeat the process until all the marked place for charms are filled.

Step 3

Allow the glue to dry. It usually takes around ten to fifteen minutes. Instead of putting it on the tray, the drying process will be faster when you put it on wavy surface.