Unique Pearl Rings

Unique Pearl Rings

You can make your own unique pearl ring using some golden copper wires and colorful glass pearl beads with the same sizes. You can learn this simple wrapping technique to create distinctive yet wearable pearl rings. The pearl beads used in this project are purple pearl, khaki pearl and clear glass bicone bead. These three pearls are able to make perfect pearl combination for this handmade ring.

Materials and Tools to Make a Pearl Ring

  • Marker
  • Wire cutter
  • Flat nose plier
  • Round nose plier
  • 6mm clear bicone glass bead
  • 6mm purple glass pearl
  • 6mm ivory glass pearl
  • 5mm golden brass wire
  • 8mm golden brass wire

Step 1. String the pearls

Prepare the wire and string the pearls into the center of the coil. The pearls are two ivory pearls, one bicone glass bead, and one purple glass pearl.

Step 2. Make the ring shank

First thing to do is to make some ring shank. Take 0.8mm golden brass wire and coil it around the marker for four or five times. Then, cut the remaining wire with wire cutter and then remove the coiling off the marker.

Step 3. Make some coiling to lock the pearl beads

Take 0.5mm golden copper wire and measure it into 36cm length. Then, cut the wire in this length. Coil the wire several times beside against the purple glass pearl. Make sure to conceal the cutting ends into the back side.

Step 4. Continue the binding

Continue coiling the spaces between all beads to make sure that they keep staying in the exact position all the time.

Step 5. Finish the coil

After all beads are being coiled with the golden copper wire, cut the wire to remove any excess wire. Insert the end of the copper wire into the coiling to hide it.

Step 6. The result

The result of the pearl ring is as seen in the picture. The guidance on how to make such unique pearl rings is done. The ring is used the purple bead as this color has become famous again these days. This handmade ring will absolutely become a fashionable yet chic accessory for you.

If you don’t have enough money to purchase one gorgeous south sea valuable pearls, the colorful glass pearls are also a wise choice to make your own ring. These glass pearls can create cool, elegant, or sweet ring style for you. For your future project, you can choose any pearls you want to make other unique rings. Fighting!