How to Make a Friendship Bracelet


Show off your art skill and your friendship all at once with a friendship bracelet! It is a super simple DIY project because what you need is only some embroidery floss and a time length of less than an hour. However, you can spend more time if you want to make a thicker bracelet. Make your own friendship bracelet by following these steps:

  • Prepare all the materials you need for the project. As shown in the picture below, what you need are either thin yarn or embroidery floss. Also, you need scissors, safety pins or simply pins, and tape for keeping your bracelet in its place when you are knotting or braiding the bracelet.
  • Measure and cut! Measure your wrist and multiply that by 5. So, if you measure your wrist and you got the number of 6, then you need to cut the floss at the length of 30 inches.
  • Decide the number of the strands. In this picture, the number of the strands is eight. What you need to keep in mind is the more the number of the strands, the harder the bracelets to be kept track of. Besides deciding the number of the strands, you also need to determine the color of them.
  • Start making the bracelet by cutting the embroidery floss strands and by trying to make an overhand knot in one of the bracelet ends. Then, start braiding the floss strands.
  • Start making the knots. Remember that you only need to make small knots. Decide the order of the strands to determine the color order and then start knotting it around the other floss or stands.
  • Look at the following picture to see how you have done it. Work your way across with any color on the left and then make 2 knots on every strand to the right side. Use a needle to help you pick out any messy knots.
  • If you have got 3 up to 4 inches of knotting done, you can finish the bracelet up. Make another overhand knot at the other end of the bracelet. Then, braid for another 3 inches and make a knot. Now, cut the extra floss off from all ends of the bracelet.
  • Tie it on! It is super easy to tie and untie it. You can do it all by yourselves. Untie it when you are showering and tie it before you hang out. Easy!