DIY Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial


Making your own jewelry is always an interesting idea for the possibility of very unique piece to wear. However, many people think it isn’t as easy as it looks. Well, you need to make a start and learn somewhere. The following tutorial is an excellent start for you to try. It shows you how to make twist and add a pendant on it. It is pretty basic and easy. Let’s learn more.

  1. Making the First Twist

Take the wire you get and cut it into two of 12 inches long strand. This length should be appropriate for an average pendant. Hold them together and spot the middle part of the wire. Then, twist them together for at least three times.

  1. Adding the Pendant

At the end of the twist, separate the two wires into V shape. This gap will be the exact place where the pendant will go. Add the pendant and bend the twists so they stand against the pendant. The wire should be in L form by then with the gap is at the bottom.

  1. Wrapping the Pendant

Now, we are going to make the same twist for the other side. Wrap the pendant using the both wire ends around the pendant and twist them three times. Bend the wires up so it stands against the other side of the pendant.

  1. Securing the Pendant

Now, let’s separate the wires. Do it for the both sides. Once, they are separated, make two of them crossing the front part while the rests of the wire  are crossing the back part. This will prevent the pendant from falling down.

  1. Another Set of Twists

Hold the previous twists and push the pendant down so it really settles there. Now, let’s make other twists at the front and back of the pendant. Remember the two wires crossing the front part of the pendant? Twist them three times or as many as you want, and do the same thing for the wires at the back.

  1. Twisting and Switching

Keep doing the twisting and switching until you finally reach the pendant top. Over the top of the pendant, create a bail from the entire wires. You can create a bail by double wrapping the loop. Then continue with tweaking the rest of the wire and make sure to tweak back to the loop neck. When you are done, cut the excess wire and tamp the wire down at the back.

This technique isn’t just simple to master. It also allows you to make countless variations while it is totally adjustable to almost any shape of pendant. Excited to try now?