Tiger Eye and Black Onyx Gemstone Men’s Bracelet in Sterling Silver


When making the sterling silver bracelet for men, the jewelry designers often use tiger eye and black onyx gemstone. Both gemstones are believed to be very powerful especially to protect the souls of the wearers. What is the power of the tiger eye and black onyx gemstones as both of them are used to decorate the bracelets of any other jewelry.

The Tiger Eye Stone

The tiger eye stone is believed to be one of the most earthing stones which is used for the protection for almost the centuries. Furthermore, it is said that the tiger eye stone is able to bring right use of power, prosperity and good luck. This precious stone is also used to improve the confidence, focus the mind, and enable the person who wears it to see distinctly without any illusion.

Tiger eye has a meaning that provides us with the economics lesson that if we try our best to be more productive, we will be able to earn lots of money. Tiger eye is considered as the money stone since it creates the motivation to let it come true. If you have tiger eye stone, you can use it as a pendant of your bracelet and use it as the inspiration anytime you are stuck in the negative thought. You can hold tiger eye to make it lead your way out.

The Black Onyx Gemstone

You can also use this precious gemstone as the pendant of your sterling silver bracelet. The black onyx stone is considered to be a powerful protection stone. The black onyx is always being associated with chakra. It is able to get rid of worries and fears as well as to manage the emotions. Black onyx is also able to keep the positive appearance while expecting the results of any anxious events.

Black onyx is also suitable for people who are looking for any improved devotion or concentration, for calming the sexual tension, and also for ending the marital disputes. It is also good for removing and curing nightmares, depressions and also losses in the legal issues. It is also reasonable why this stone is considered to be one of the magical stones in the world.

From the functions and the ability of both stones, no wonders many people want to keep them for themselves. One way to preserve the stones are by attaching them into jewelry, especially the bracelets. But it is also possible that these stones will be used for necklaces, rings and also earrings.