Estate Jewelry: Necklaces, Gold & Pearl Necklace


To present yourself as elegant person, you need a touch of gold and pearl. These two tones are the safest ones to pick, since they could be paired with a lot of colors. If you think that wearing gold or glittery clothes is too much, what about little accessories around the neck?


  • ready to use pearl necklace, one thread,
  • three packs of safety pins, gold tone, 1 1/8 inches
  • three packs of safety pins, gold tone, 1 ½ inches

Step 1

Lay the pearl necklace on the table. Make sure no pearl bead stick to each other. It is important since the pins should be able to slip in between the pearls.

To start the project, take the smaller safety pins and clip it in the middle of the necklace. Now you could put one or two safety pins between each pearl. Taking outward way will help you during the process. In addition, join two vertical pins using another pin in horizontal position.

Step 2

Repeat the process until you get all the pearls separated from each other. If you love accent or abstract arrangement, put two small pins then alternate to two big pins. Another possible option is putting two pins, consisting of small and big pin. While working, make sure you don’t hurt your fingers. Pinch the middle part and avoid the sharp edge.

Step 3

It is time to make this vertical pins more artistic. Those who choose to to put similar size pins must not miss this trick. Otherwise, the finished product won’t be as fancy as expected.

Take one big pin. Use it to connect four or five vertical pins. Trying to do it with vertical position will be hard. Do it horizontally.

Repeat the process until all vertical pins are grouped. Alternate the upper and lower row as well.

Step 4

Apply different grouping system if you already alternate the size of the pin in between the pearls. Try the previous trick first. If you don’t like the result, then change the angle and position.

The final look should be randomized. Make sure the pearls are not completely covered. If they do, then the necklace might not be comfortable to wear.

Step 5

Voila! You have the necklace. It is ready to wear. Before you put it around your neck, do yourself a favor by screening for sharp edges. The random setting might force the pins to bend. As the result, you might get hurt while wearing it.