How to Make Necklace with Butterfly Pendant in Wire Wrap


If you have known the technique on how to make some curls on the wire to shape it, then you will find that this tutorial is very easy. But, don’t worry! If you are a beginner, the steps of making the butterfly pendant are very simple to do. Let’s start, shall we?

Step 1. Before starting the project, collect the supplies for it. The supplies are:

  • 18 gauge crafting wire
  • 20 gauge crafting wire
  • Looping pliers
  • Cutting pliers
  • Flat pliers

Step 2. Draft the butterfly design. As it is only a draft, you can make a simple butterfly drawing. You don’t have to draw all wings; one wing is enough for the sampling. This butterfly template needs to have wing’s outer line, butterfly antenna and the butterfly loops.

Step 3. Take the wire end but don’t cut the wire off the bundle. Make a loop at wire end with looping pliers. Then, curl the wire circling the loop for three or four times or more. After the curl is set, put it onto the butterfly template. Then, curve the wire following the template pattern.

Before reaching the second wing, make a loop with some curling just like the first loop and then continue shaping the wire based on the second wing’s template. Keep shaping the wire until it reaches the body template. After the template is shaped perfectly, cut the wire and make a loop at wire end as for butterfly’s antenna. Half part of the butterfly is ready.

Step 4. Next is to make another half. Make the butterfly’s wing just like the previous one. After you reach the second part of the wing, flick it horizontally.

Then, create the second loop by twisting it into opposite direction from the second wing of the first butterfly’s body.

Continue making the pattern using the same step. Don’t worry if both parts are not exactly the same. It’s the art of the handmade jewelry!

Step 5. Now, connect both parts of the butterfly. Grasp the wings together. Make sure that each side is adjacent one and another. Use the small wire to tie both body parts. Make sure that the parts of the body and the antenna are being tied by the small wire.

After the butterfly’s body is all set, insert a jump ring into one antenna. Then, to make it into a necklace, you can insert the chain into the jump ring. Don’t forget to connect the chain ends with the lobster clasp. Yes, your butterfly pendant necklace is ready to wear.