How to Make Druzy Gold Pendant for your Chained Necklace


If you want to make some variations on the jewelry that you frequently wear, you can try using druzy gemstones. But, it is no longer a secret that the price of the druzy gemstones can be very expensive. But, don’t worry! You can make your own druzy jewelry using some glitters and glue. The tutorial given today is to help you make your own druzy pendant that can be worn with your favorite necklace. The step by step instructions are made very easy to understand. You can try making your own druzy pendant at home!

Step 1. Prepare the supplies to make the druzy pendant first. Later on, if the pendant is ready, you can attach the pendant onto your chained necklace. Here are the materials and tools that you need to prepare:

  • ModPodge
  • Lobster clasps
  • Jump rings
  • Gold pendants
  • Gold chain
  • Gold earring settings
  • Glass glitter set
  • Jewelry tool kit

Step 2. Take the gold pendant and fill in the inside part of the pendant with ModPodge in thin layer. You can also use the earring post if you don’t have any gold pendant. Don’t forget to use paper towel or newspaper below the pendant. Spread the glue evenly on all surface. You can use paint brush or you can just use your finger to do it.

Step 3. Take your glitter set and choose the color that you want to add into the pendant. Then, spread the glitter on top of the thin layer of ModPodge. Then, shake off the excess glitter and let them dry. After the glitter is set, spread another thin layer of the glue on top of the glittered surface. Then, add the glitter on top of it. Shake off the excess glitter. Repeat the same step until the pendant is full of the color glitter. Then, let the pendant to dry for awhile.

Step 4. Prepare the necklace for your druzy pendant. Take the gold chain and cut it into the length that you want. If you want your necklace to be long enough, you can cut it longer. You can measure the length of the chain by circling the chain over your neck. Determine the length of the chain and then cut it with the cutters.

Then, at each end of the chain, insert one jump ring each. One end of the chain will be inserted with the lobster clasp. Take your pendant and attach a jump ring on top of it using the pliers. Then, slide the pendant into the chained necklace. Yeah, your druzy gold necklace is ready!