DIY Utility Rope Necklace


General Information:

The idea behind utility rope is basically a friendship token. The jewelry makers could make it more meaningful by making it themselves. Moreover, there are more color choices compared to the one bought in the store. Create the unique utility rope necklace!


  • Utility rope (3mm thick, 25 feet long)
  • brass compression sleeves (3/8 inches, 12 to 14 pieces)
  • chinese knotting cord (1mm, 3-5 yard long)
  • core end caps (12 x 16mm, 2 pieces)
  • jump rings (2-3 pieces)
  • lobster clasp (1 piece)
  • super glue (gel form if possible)
  • scissors
  • pliers for jewelry making

Step By Step Guidance

Step 1. Cut the utility rope into eight pieces, the thickness should be 32 inches each. Put them together. Slip in the compression sleeves. One utility rope gets one compression sleeve.

Step 2. The purpose of putting compression sleeves is keeping the rope together. It also makes even bound and later helps the sliding process. Put 12 to 14 sleeves on the rope. Make sure they have even distance from each other.

Step 3. Point the separated section to wrap. Then, start sliding from the center. Take one end of the knotting cord on one section and also the edge of brass sleeve. Start wrapping from the rope first, then move it down.

Take the opposite direction to keep the cord in position. Don’t pull the string too hard, it will ruin the utility cord shape. Apply enough pressure to hold the cord still without changing the cord shape.

Step 4. Go on with the wrapping procedure. Don’t stop until all the section is covered. Right before the jewelry makers reach the last part, apply thin glue layer on the starter cord.

Step 5. Allow the wrapping to dry for several minutes. Cut any excess cord. Proceed the wrapping on the next different sections. Use different colors for fancy look.

Step 6. After the jewelry makers done wrapping all the section with colorful strings, don’t forget to trim the end. Apply good amount of glue to the inner side of the cap and put it directly on the end of the necklace. Don’t wait until the glue dried. The idea is sticking the end cord to the cap. Do this process to another cord end.

Step 7. Take the pliers and the lobster clasp. Unclasp the tie. Take the one with large ring and attach it to one end by using pliers. Repeat similar action to another end.