Round Drop Earrings with Gemstone Beads Tutorial


General Information

It takes time, patience and high focus to make the brick stacked earrings using gem like beads. The finished product might look simple, but the process is in fact more complicated. Be prepared to follow the detailed guidance. The jewelry makers might need to redo the steps from the beginning.


  • Glass bead strands
  • A pair of earring hooks
  • Jade acrylic beads
  • Iron spacer beads
  • Gemstone bead thread
  • Jewelry thin wires
  • Pliers (needle and round nose)

Step By Step Guidance

Step 1. Using the wire, put the thread through the center bead. The size used in the project is 6mm. Leave siz inches tail after making a loop on the single bead.

Step 2. Push the wire back to the bead and make another loop on the other side of the bead. Repeat the process to have double loop on each side.

Step 3. It is time to make the first layer. Put two glass beads on the needle and stitch them to the loop.

Step 4. Secure the glass beads by pushing the wire through the beads.

Step 5. Repeat the process until the first layer is completed. When hitting the bead hole, slip the wire to the loop on the other side. It will close the gap.

Step 6. Start working on the second layer. Put bigger beads instead of smaller ones. Don’t forget to take two beads for the starters.

Step 7. The outer ring of the earring should have picot edge. It should be the combination of two big beads and one small beads. While putting them on the wire, make sure they are tied to two beads under it.

Step 8. To make the drop down, put a wire through the top and bottom center of the circle.

Step 9: Pick any beads with similar tone for the drop down. If the jewelry makers want to add one bib bead on the top, it is also possible.

Step 10. Build one last layer on the big bead. Then, add small loop to put the hook.

Step 11. The last thing to do is putting the earring hook on the bride. Build one more item to make a pair of earring.

Looking for fancy ideas for the next party? The jewelry makers could try the creative ideas of round drop earring above! It takes time, gives equal result and no specific beads to purchase beforehand!