Inspired Single Pearl Necklace


The steps implemented on this project are very easy to follow and also to practice. You can make your own pearl necklace using this simple yet common wire wrap method. Apart from its simplicity, the result can be very adorable. This delightful caged pearl necklace can be obtained within short period of time. So, the steps for making this beautiful single pearl necklace are as follows:

Step 1. Prepare the supplies

The supplies for making a single pearl necklace are:

  • Plier flat nose plier
  • Round nose
  • Side cutting plier
  • Chain
  • Jumpring
  • 1mm aluminium wire
  • Pearl beads

Step 2. Wrap the cage as for the pearl

Pick a proper length of the aluminium wire. Then, bend up the right half part of the wire. Stop bending up the wire when you feel that the largest wire circle is already reaching the diameter of the pearl bead. Twist the left half part of the wire in a reverse direction.

After the wire resembles letter S, fold this S shape wire. Clamp all two tips of the wire and slightly pull the tips outwards. After you obtain the main cage shape, you can stop pulling and start inserting the pearl bead inside the cage.

After the pearl bead is inside the cage, close it and make necessary adjustment on the coils for the chain to be inserted into. This wrapping technique can be implemented to any pearls regarding the sizes and colors. It is also very easy to make. You can finish it off in a few minutes.

Step 3.  Attach the cage into the chain

After the pearl pendant is finished, you can choose your chain as for your necklace. In this project, the chain is just a simple chain strand that can be easily put on and put off. You can choose any chains that you like.

You can also adjust the length of the chains. Then, if you have already been satisfied with the chain, cut it to your desired length. Slide the pearl pendant on the chain and connect two loose ends of the chain to make full loop of necklace.

Step 4. The pearl pendant is ready

See, you have already finished making your own single pearl pendant necklace. As you make it by yourself, you can choose any pearl that you want. This pearl bead is considered as elegant accessory for the women. It is used to represent the noble and state symbol.