DIY Anthropologie Inspired Wire Delicate Double Pearl Ring Tutorial


Pearl is believed to be able to lift up every outfit that you wear. The design of the pearl jewelry provides the great combination of modern touch and classic style. Here, you will be introduced to DIY double pearl ring tutorial that you love to make and wear. Here are the steps on how to create one elegant pearl ring that you can make by yourself later on.

Start up

If you are interested in creating your own wire delicate double pearl ring, you can follow this easy tutorial. First of all, before starting the project, you need to determine the pearl size that you are going to use. Make sure that you choose the half-drilled pearls for this project.

You can choose two pearls of the same size or of different size. Then, after you have found the pearls that you like, you have to determine the wire as for the ring; whether you will use copper, silver, or gold metal wire. Don’t choose the wire which is bigger than the pearl holes as it will not fit into it.


  • Ring mandrel
  • Metal wire (the project is used gold wire sized 24g)
  • Half-drilled pearls (the pearls are in 8mm and 10mm diameter)
  • Wire cutter
  • Craft glue

Step 1. After the materials are ready, the next step is to measure the ring size. Take the gold wire and twist the wire circling the ring mandrel. The ring size in this project is 6 so the wire is twisted on that size. Don’t worry if you can’t find any ring mandrel for you. You can measure the ring size by looping the gold wire circling your finger.

Step 2. After you get the size of the ring, cut the wire using the wire cutter. If you intend to make a double open pearl ring, cut the ¼ part of the ring wire so that you will have the ¾ part of the wire. The size of the wire will fit properly when you make the open bind circling your finger. Then, bind the wire circling the ring mandrel.

Step 3. Glue each end of the wire to attach the pearl. Glide the pearls on their half-drilled holes into the wire ends which have been glued. If the glue is being pulled outside the pearl, push it back later on when the glue is dry. This project uses different size of pearls; small one and big one. This is to make the ring having an asymmetric look.

Step 4. Leave the pearls to set as the wire for 24 hours. It is to ensure that the pearls are secure and nice attaching at any thin wire. It is also to make the ring strong enough to be inserted on your finger. After the glue is set, you can try wearing your double pearl ring. It’s like the pearls are drifting, isn’t it?