Simple Turquoise and Pearl Bead Bracelet


General Information:

Several people think that making cluster bracelet is complicated. The process does take long time to complete but the procedure actually includes simple steps. So, get rid of any tutorial with confusing steps! You have the simplest guidance that could help you to cut the completion time. As for the color, the following project is inspired by the color of the sea.


  • 1 pack of pearl beads (cream tone, 5mm)
  • 1 pack of faceted round beads (6mm)
  • 1 pack of silver head pins (7/8 inches)
  • 1 pack of silver jump rings (oval)
  • 1 pack of crystal beads (4mm)
  • several pieces of leaf toggle clasp (silver tone)
  • 1 piece of beadsmith looper
  • pliers (chain nose)

Step By Step Guidance:

Step 1. Take the silver plated head pins. Slide 4mm crystal beads to the pin.

Step 2. Now take the faceted round beads (the 6mm beads) and guide it to the silver pin as well.

Step 3. Using the beadsmith looper, make a loop at the end of the head pins. Repeat this procedure and make 10 short strands.

Step 4. For the whole bracelets, you are going to need 30 short faceted bead strands and 30 short crystal bead strands.

Step 5. Now you could start the assembling step. Bring the jump ring and twist it open. Hook the faceted and crystal pearls, one piece each.

Step 6. While working on the second jump ring, don’t forget to hook the first jump ring as well. If you forget to hook, you will have extra work in the end. Then, add two more dangle beads; the faceted and the pearl one.

Step 7. Repeat the jump ring combining to build a medium length chain. It is very important to have oval jump ring in this project. Its shape allow the loop to stay on either side. Having them gathering in one side will increase the unclasping beads risk.

Step 8. Remember to cut out the chain making process when it has reached the length you desire. Put it around your waist for fitting measurement. Then add the clasp. If you don’t want the bracelet to be too bulky, then only add one faceted beads on each end. Adding pearl beads will make it expand.

Step 9. The final part is adding the other half to the last end of the bracelet. Twist the jump ring so it could be opened.