A Guide to Bohemian Style Bracelet for Men


Looking bohemian is a good look to adopt today that it can go well on office or formal outfit. While other outfit parts are important, men bracelet can top off the final look. They key to successful bohemian looking men bracelet relies on how you mix it. Here is a little guide for you to follow.

Get the Leather Bracelet

Masculinity can be implied by wearing a leather bracelet and nothing is more effective than wearing rich and deep brown hue on it. It looks like you are rebellious enough without the impression of you going overboard at any point. Plus, a leather bracelet will make an excellent anchor if you want to wear multiple bracelets set. Instead of wearing a big one, choose a modest shape with elegant finish.

Add the Woven Bracelet

If this bracelet set is going to be a party, you will need to add the woven bracelet as the color for it. This is the best way to enrich your outfit with some accent as it is available in almost any color you like. For an office outfit, you can wrap your wrist with one that matches your tie, shirt, or pocket square. While it looks good and still appropriate for even a conservative office, it makes a great touch for an afternoon beer.

More with Beaded

This bracelet appears more often on the wrists of men with suit today. The beads are available on many colors and materials, from wood to onyx. The key to a perfect look is on the size of the beads. More casual outfit requires bigger beads. So you can wear pea sized bead for the office, and marble sized one for the club.

Top with Metal

Adding a metal bracelet can be risky. You can look like a badass wearing this, while wrong selection will make you look cheesy. Bohemian style rarely uses this bracelet on the set, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to improvise. At the office, it needs to be on the sideline. However, it can be a decorative piece on your outfit which is perfect for casual occasion. Unless you feel fully committed to wear this, don’t even consider it.

So there is a certain rule to follow but it should help you to get well styled instead of chocking your neck. If you want to wear just one bracelet, that will be fine. However, wearing multiple layers is highly suggested as long as you know which rule to follow.