How to Make Simple Nautical Knot Rope Necklace


Tools and Materials

  • Lobster clasp
  • Chain
  • Two ribbon end fastener clasps sized 16mm
  • Two jump rings sized 4mm
  • Red felt
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Hot glue along with glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Red cord with diameter 4mm (5.5m length)

Step 1. Cut the red cord into equally six length pieces. For this project, the length of each piece is 85cm. You can use the red cord to measure the length that you want and then give additional 16cm.

Step 2. Divide the six cords into two equal three cords. Then, make the loop from each set of cords. Then, arrange two loops facing one and another. You can use the picture as reference to see of you have made the correct loops.

Step 3. Take the left loop and place it onto the right loop top.

Step 4. Now, it’s time to make the nautical knot. In order to make this knot, your loops need to intertwine each other by creating the above and below patterns onto the crossing points. Concentrate on the upper loop and take the end of lower left. Pass this end below the lower loop. Then, pass the end above and below again.

Step 5. Then, take the upper right of the strands and pass this rope above and below the crossing ropes.

Step 6. Take the lower right set above the crossing ropes. The rope of yours should be like in the picture. Make any necessary adjustments if needed.

Step 7. Grab both ends of the rope; left end with left hand and right end with right hand. Then, pull the ends slowly to tighten the nautical knot. After the knot is completely knotted, make the adjustment on the strands to make perfect knot.

Step 8. Take two loose ends of the rope upward and form a circle. Correct the ropes on each end and make sure that the position of each strand is straight and not intertwine each other. It is very important to have each rope at the correct order as they will use to determine the clean result of the necklace.

Step 9. Cut each end of the rope to get even and straight end. Make sure to cut each end with a slight angle. You can also cut the ends asymmetrically so that one side of the necklace is a bit shorter than another end. Automatically, the knot will not rest in the middle of the necklace.

Step 10. Prepare the hot glue gun and while waiting the gun to be hot enough, prepare small pieces of red felt sized 2.5cm x 3cm. Then, apply the glue on half side of the red felt.

Step 11. Place one end of the cord onto the glue and then press them. Check if the ropes are in correct orders before attaching them onto the glue.

Step 12. Add some glue on top and then fold the red felt. Press the felt to firmly glue it. You can cut any excess felt with scissors. Then, attach the felt over the other end of the necklace.

Step 13. Prepare the clasps, chain and jump rings. Make sure that these elements are in the same colors. Take the clasps and give some glue on them. Then, attach the clasp by pushing it over the felted end.

Step 14. Press the clasps using the pliers to fasten it. Repeat the same process for the other end of the necklace.

Step 15. Attach one jump ring into each clasp. One jump ring will be inserted with the lobster clasp and the other jump ring will be used to attach the chain.

Step 16. Your nautical knot rope necklace is ready to wear. Enjoy!