Beautiful DIY Bird Nest Necklace in Under 30 Minutes


Bird nest necklace is always considered as the best to give to your mom in Mother’s Day. In alternative to buying it, you can make it yourself for a more personal touch. Check out the tutorial below and learn how to make it super fast.


  • Gems, choose anything you like; pearls and round beats are fine
  • Bird charm, optional
  • 24 gauge wire for bending, any color you like, at least 5 feet
  • Needle nose pliers with wire cutter
  • Jump ring, the small one
  • Necklace chain

The Making Steps

1Take the wire and the gems you want to use. Thread the gems with the wire and leave around 3 inches of the wire for the tail. If you want to use more than 3 or 5 gems, you better thread them all together now as well. You can make triangle for 3 gems or circle for more. Twist the wire several times to secure the gems.

Now, let’s start wrapping the gems with the wire. Wrap around the gems and be sure about its tightness. It shouldn’t be too tight or to lose. Think about how a nest should be when you try to decide. Wrap for around 5 times.

2Use the long end of the wire to secure the first wrap. Thread the wire end into the center of the nest in the gap between the first and second gem. Pull it through so it comes out from the back of the nest. Wrap it around and let it through the same spot again. Do it three times to secure the nest wrap. Repeat the technique on other gaps. You’ll need 3 for 3 gems, and 4 for more.

3Now let’s make the nest base. Turn the pendant over. Remember how you wrap around the gems? Do the same thing on this part, starting from the center out. Make around 5 to 10 circles, depending on your possibility. When you are done, secure the loop through the first secure rounds you made. Make 2 to 3 rounds for this.

4Continue wrapping to build the nest. You can use your own patterns this time. You can even choose to make it oval, round, or other possible shapes. For natural looking nest, you may need to consider using combinations of several style at once for messy look.

5After you are done wrapping, use the remaining 3 inches tail for a thread with the original 3 inches tail you already have. Add the jump wire and the bird charm to complete the necklace. Next, add the chain and your necklace is ready.