How to Make Fabulous Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace


Step 1. To make this fabulous necklace, you have to prepare the supplies beforehand. The materials that you need to collect are:

  • Jewelry pliers
  • Jewelry wire sized 28 gauge
  • Jump rings
  • Hoops in three different sizes
  • Crystal beads

Step 2. Take the wire and one smallest hoop. Attach the wire into the hoop. You can use any knot to secure the wire into one part of the hoop. Make sure that the wire knot is tight enough so that it won’t be changing its location later on.

Step 3. After the wire knot is safe and sound, take the crystal beads and start creating the hourglass in the middle of the hoop. Insert the beads into the wire loose ends. For the hourglass, use two beads and string them altogether through the wire loose ends, To secure the beads, start wrapping the wire into the opposite direction of the hoop.

Step 4. Then, string the wire back throughout the holes of the beads and let the both ends of the wire meet in the middle.

Step 5. Bend the wire ends in the middle and then wrap then around. To maintain the hourglass shape, wrap the wire around the middle of the hoop. If you are sure that the knot of two wire ends in alreasy secured, you can cut the excess wire with the wire cutters.

Step 6. Take another small hoop and connect the hoop into the first hoop. Open the hoop just like you open the jump ring and then loop the hoop into the first one and directly re-joint the hoop’s ends.

Step 7. Hold the second big hoop into the first small hoop by wiring the joint of two hoops with the wire on each side. You can secure the joint by cutting the wire and just wrap it around these two joints. Don’t cut the excess wire as it will be used to attach the bigger circle. Take one bigger circle, open it up, insert it into the second big hoop.

Step 8. Secure the third hoop into the second hoop with the wire. Use the wire tails previously. Wrap the hoop exactly on the spots where the wire tails located. Then, after the wrapping is done, cut the excess wire tails on both sides of the hoop.

Step 9. Take the biggest hoop and attach it into the precious hoop shape using the jump ring. The jump ring can be used to connect all hoops together. The final look of your Harry Potter Time Turner pendant is like the picture. Make any adjustments if needed.

Step 10. Take another jump ring to connect the pendant with the chain. Insert the jump ring into the jump ring added for the biggest hoop previously. Then, insert the chain through this second jump ring. The length of the necklace is up to your personal preference. Now, your time turner necklace is ready!