Black Titanium Tags as One of Necklace Style for Men


Men’s necklace is totally different from women’s necklace. Men tend to wear something which is not considered as costume jewelry which means the big and chunky jewelry used to decorate the evening gowns. This fashion is generally women’s styles. As for the function, men’s jewelry is designed not to become overwhelming but it is rather to be some complements.

Necklaces for Men

Here, necklaces are considered to be more rough and rugged. The jewelry for men would be considered good if it is natural. It means that you have been wearing the necklace for years or you are wearing the necklace in which your father had been wearing it for also years. The men who are wearing necklaces well would not be noticed for the jewelry that they are wearing on. Rather, they will be seen as stylish.

Titanium Tags

It is also known as the dog tags. This piece of necklace has been considered as specialized pendant. The dog tags are usually accompanied by some texts written on them. The military dog tags reveal the information on the users and also their medical information. It sometimes also include the information on rank as well as the religion. However, nowadays, another decorative designs of the dog tags have been made by the jewelry designers.

The jewelry designers maintain the shape of the dog tags but change the name with some images of any raised designs. The materials needed to make the tags are also modified. From stainless steel, the designs are used the titanium. To change the color of the titanium into black or any other colors, the process of the production involves the process of anodizing.


Other necklace style for men is pendant necklace. It just basically one pendant with long cord or chain. The pendant for the necklace can be anything which are versatile, popular and common. This pendant necklace is suitable to wear with casual styles like T-shirts.


Another famous necklace for men is chains. This jewelry is considered to be a classic adornment for men. The chains can create various impressions depending on the chain lengths, the metal used to make the necklace, and also the choice of styles.

There are three stylist necklaces which are popular among men nowadays. If you want to wear one, choose from those three one style that is suitable for you. Make sure to wear only small amount of the jewelry to make it more natural.