How to Make Chic Boho Earrings with Pearl


Summer is knocking the door. It is almost the time to relax. It is also the right time of the year to release the style of Bohemian from us. While we are enjoying the nice weather, get that summer and beach energy by wearing that Boho energy on your body through this boho chic pearl earrings. The earring is simple to make!

  • Prepare all the supplies: pliers for jewelry making, seed beads in many colors and with the size of 2, jewelry wire in gold and with 20 gauge, earring hoop in god and with hooks.
  • Grab your round nose pliers to cut your wire. Smoothly cut the wire to the length of 2 inches. Then, make a curve at one of the wire’s end in down.
  • Now with bent nose pliers, bend the wire around a hoop. Look at the picture to see how it is done.
  • Next, using curved nose pliers, you need to tighten, wrap, and snug the loop around the hoop. Then slide some beads from the other wire’s end.
  • Next is finishing the beads line. Again, bend the wire’s end by wrapping it around hoop and then by tightly pulling the wire around hoop. Next, trim the wire’s end and press the hoop’s edge.
  • Repeat the steps above. Now, work with your creativity to design your earrings. Use different colors for the beads and layer the earrings. In the example below, the earrings were made with beads in gold, white, blue sky, navy blue, and light brown, all of which were in different size. In doing this step, you may find bending the wire is hard. But as you keep doing it, it will be easier. Take your time to get used to tightening the wire’s tension. After adding the beads, don’t forget to add the earring hook. That’s it!
  • Now repeat all the steps above to make the other earring.
  • Do some experiments in your earring design. You can try to make other earrings with bigger beads and more colorful beads. Also, you can create earrings with different shape of loops as shown in the picture.

Isn’t this project easy? Although there will be a bit struggle in working with the wire, it will be worth it at the end. In the next earring project, you can try different designs of earring to make your jewelry making more creative and more various. Go create something fun!