Silver Ethno Bold Necklace 92.5 % Sterling Jewelry Classic Charm Handcrafted Necklaces


Going to ethnic theme party this weekend? Then you are going to need the appropriate jewelry as well. While ethnic is closely associated to colors and patterns, many might not know that silver could be a fancy ethnic tone option. Moreover, you could take this as a one day project.


several rhinestone necklace, the vintage style

a pack of silver plated chain, 18 inches

a pack of silver plated chain, 24 inches

a pack of jump rings, 6mm

a lobster clasp

a wire cutter

a set of jewelry pliers

Step 1

Pick the necklace that would be the base. Put it on the table. On top of it, lay the base chain. Make sure to arrange it as if the necklace worn around the neck.

Step 2

Take a jump ring. Open it. Attach the ring on the connecting part of the necklace and chain.

Step 3

Close the ring nice and tight. You might need to flip the necklace.

Step 4

Put the necklace back to the original position. Since the rings has been attached, the chain and necklace should come together. Repeat the same process to the other side.

Now you need to add the ring in the middle part of the necklace. Count the links first and make sure the position is exactly in the middle.

After adding the last ring, put the necklace on your neck. Look for any area that need more rings or adjustment. After trimming, there is no way to redo it.

Step 5

Put the next layer of chain on the bottom of the necklace. Repeat the process in step 2 and 3. This time, you should aim for the link.

Step 6

Attach rings to the opposite side as well as the middle part. Again, fit the necklace to your own neck and see it in front of mirror. Only when you are satisfied with the result, you can proceed to trimming the chain.

Double check for any unclasped rings. If there is any, replace it immediately.

Step 7

Now it is time to add the last layer. You still need rings to bring them together.

Step 8

Do the final chain trimming. Once again, it is not suggested to skip the “necklace fitting” part. The error might show in the last step. Take the lobster clasp and a big jump ring. Attach them to the lower chain of the necklace.