DIY Men’s Bracelet – Men’s Anchor Bracelet


Step 1. Tools and Materials




Braiding disk




Jump rings

Charm for closure

Embroidery floss

Step 2. First, make the small anchor bracelet from 8 strand braids. Take 4 long embroidery floss and fold them all into half. Take the anchor and try to put it into the loop of the floss. If the anchor is easily inserted and taken out from the loop, you have created a successful loop. For this project, the loop is sized for about 2.5cm.

Step 3. The four strands need to be held altogether into the loop. Therefore, we have to wrap the strands using some other threads. The center of the thread bundle will be the loop, so we need to work from this center. Take short sized embroidery floss for about 1 to 2 strands to connect all the four strands. Create some tight knot from the short floss to hold the longer floss in place.

Step 4. Take one end of the short strand and the bundle of the strands altogether. They will become the bracelet braid. Wrap the strands circling the braid floss bundle and throughout the loop that we have created previously. Pull the strand tightly against the former knot to cover the braiding floss bundle completely.

Step 5. Continue wrapping the strands until the loop is ready. As this project requires 2.5cm length for the loop, the strands are made to fulfill the length. Then, place the loop around the anchor. If the anchor is easily inserted and removed, the loop is perfect. Make any necessary adjustments on the loop size.

Step 6. Wrap both ends of the strands and start with the braiding. You can finish the loop using the tails created from the string holding the strands altogether. Take one side of the string to make a loop. Make sure that the loop is laid on the braid and use the other side of the loose string to wrap circling the loop and braid. Do the same step for the other end of the bracelet.

Step 7. Insert the anchor into the bracelet. Use the braiding board to divide the strands equally. The braiding board is very helpful to insert the strand ends onto the tapestry needle to make them easily inserted into the jump ring.

Then, take the anchor and insert the jump ring at the bottom of the anchor. This jump ring will be used to insert the strand ends. Insert the end one by one into the jump ring. After all ends are through the jump ring, make the knot end to connect them altogether.