How to Make an Easy Gothic Lace Choker


Step 1. Gather all materials and tools that you need for this project. To make this black lace choker, you have to prepare:

  • Lace (1 1/4” black cluny lace and 1 3/4” diamond fence edge lace)
  • 13mm crimp ends
  • 4mm jump rings
  • Lobster claw
  • Clutter pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Strong glue
  • Scissors
  • 7x10mm pear shape jewel
  • 18mm x 25mm pear shape jewel
  • Needle and thread
  • Rhinestone button

Step 2. Take the lace and measure the length of the lace by circling the lace around the neck. Then, cut the extra lace that you don’t need.

Step 3. Take the glue and apply some glue on one lace end. Attach the glued end with one crimp end. After the crimp end is inserted, close the end using the pliers.

Step 4. Take two pieces of the jump rings and attach them altogether.

Step 5. Then, insert the jump rings into the crimp end that has been inserted into one lace end. The jump rings can give some additional length for your laced necklace later on.

Step 6. At the apposite end of the lace, insert one jump ring. To give additional strength, you can also stitch the jump ring.

Step 7. Take one lobster claw and then insert this claw into the jump ring.

Step 8. Get your leftover lace. Count the lace up to five pointed scallops length and cut it.

Step 9. Trim the extra top of the lace and just leave the scallops alone. Repeat the step no.8 and no.9 to four scallop lace and two pieces of three scallop laces.

Step 10. Organize two pieces of three scallop laces like in the picture. Then, stitch both laces altogether. The look of the laces should be like in the picture.

Step 11. Attach the four scallop lace on top of the three scallop laces by stitching them altogether. The look of the lace is like shown in the picture.

Step 12. Then, take the last five scallop lace and stitch it on top of the four scallop lace. The look of the laces are like the picture. Attach the glue to connect all free ends.

Step 13. After all ends are being glued and are dry, attach this bib into the laced necklace by stitching them altogether.

Step 14. Arrange the location for the jewels to be attached into the lace. After you get your desired location for each jewel, attach the jewel one by one onto the lace by stitching them.

Step 15. Don’t forget to sew the rhinestone button on the top part of the lace, particularly, in the middle of it.

Step 16. Tada! Your gothic black laced choker is ready!