How to Clean Phantom Gold Ring – Men’s Rings


If you find that your phantom gold ring is like lackluster, you can clean it to make the ring looks like new once again. This DIY and simple cleaning can be applied without having to buy some expensive cleaners for the jewelry. You can use the products from the household to clean your phantom gold ring.

Clean the Ring Using the Dish Soap

The method of cleaning the gold ring with the dish soap is suitable for any gold jewelry with 18 to 24 karat. You can clean your precious gold ring as it is the safest method as it won’t leave any scratches into your phantom gold ring. The methods are:

Step 1. Take some drops of the dish soap into lukewarm water bowl. Mix the soap gently. You can also add club soda or sodium-free seltzer water. The carbonation level of those liquids are able to loosen any accumulated debris and dirt.

Step 2. If the gold ring contains some stones, don’t use any boiling water as they are easy cracked when being exposed to drastic or rapid temperature change. Do not also use any cold water as it will create tougher grime.

Step 3. Soak the gold ring into the solution and let it sit for awhile at least 30 minutes. When being soaked with lukewarm water and liquid soap, this solution will be able to reach any parts of the ring especially the crevices and the cracks to loosen up the accumulated dirt.

Step 4. Then, after 30 minutes, scrub the gold ring using the toothbrush. Brush all parts of the ring particularly the crannies and nooks as the dirt and debris are accumulated more in these areas. You can use special brushes dedicated to gold ring cleaning, but you can also use any soft brushes.

Step 5. After the gold ring is finished to brush, rinse it into the warm running water. This action can help removing the remaining dirt which has been loosen up from the brushing. Ensure the water is in lukewarm state. When you rinse the gold ring under the sink, make sure to cover or plug the drain to prevent the jewelry slipping out into the drain if you accidentally drop it.

Step 6. Dry the gold ring using soft cloth. After that, keep the gold ring onto the soft cloth for awhile until all parts are fully dry. Wearing wet gold ring can only cause any skin irritation as it will trap the moisture on your skin.