DIY Pearl Choker and Rings


The pearl choker and pearl rings are inspired from Chanel jewelry collection for spring season. Now you can make your own handmade pearl chokers and also pearl rings. The tutorials for making these two awesome accessories are very simple and easy to follow. So, here are the tutorials.


For the pearl choker, you need to prepare:

  • Heavy duty wire cutter
  • A toothpick
  • Super glue
  • Two bead caps
  • Two ball end headpins
  • Gold wire choker sized 12 gauge
  • Two 30mm pearl beads

For the pearl rings, you need to prepare:

  • Wire cutter
  • Super glue
  • Thin gold rings
  • Half drilled Swarovski pearls sized 6mm and 8mm
  • Half drilled Swarovski pearls sized 10mm and 12mm

How to Make Pearl Choker

Step 1. Take the choker and the heavy duty wire clippers. First, cut off the choker clasp. You can easily cut if off using the wire clippers.

Step 2. Take two 30mm pearl beads. For making this pearl choker, you can use any pearl sizes. You can choose the pearls larger than the pearls that this project uses. If it is possible, try finding the pearls that are half drilled pearls.

If you can get the large ones with half drilled shape, it can be very easy to make the choker. However, as the pearls used in this project are fully drilled pearls, you have to find any solution to block the other holes as you only use one hole.

Trim off the choker clasp. The, apply some super glue on the toothpick tip and stroke this glue into one bead side. After the glue is attached, insert half of the choker end into the bead and let the glue dry overnight. Repeat the same step to insert another choker into another pearl bead hole. Make sure that you have one pearl bead on each choker end.

Step 3. After one night, take the headpin and trim it off. Then, add the bead cap into its headpin end.

Step 4. Glue along the headpin and then attach this headpin into the holes opposite the choker holes. The headpin is used to block another hole that is still open. It is to keep the pearl bead in place and to cover the opening holes. Then, let the glue to set.

How to Make Pearl Rings

Step 5. Choose thin rings which can fit inside the half drilled pearls completely. Choose some asymmetric pearls for the ring. As to make the seat for the pearls, cut small part of the ring so that the pearls can be inserted into the ring ends.

Step 6. Apply some glue on the ring ends and then mount each ring end into each half drilled pearl. Let the glue to dry overnight.

Step 7. After the glue is fully dry, twist the ring up so that it can fit your finger size.