Making Spiral Zen Earrings


These earrings are very simple to make. You can easily make the wire hoop to create a unique yet interesting earrings design. You won’t spend much time making these earrings. Furthermore, these earrings are very light and super comfortable to wear every day. Before making the earrings, make sure to collect all the supplies. They are:

  • Two earwires
  • Two jump rings
  • Ring mandrel or any other similar material which has at least 1” diameter or for about 2.54cm
  • Chain nose pliers or flat nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Two 6” round soft copper wire sized 18 gauge

Step 1. Take the copper wire and measure it for about 6” or 15.24cm. Cut two pieces of wire with this size using the wire cutter.

Step 2. Curl each wire into the mandrel’s fat end. You can also use other tools besides the mandrel. Make two full curls circling the mandrel as the wire is just too short to use.

Step 3. The look of the wires after being curled is shown at the picture.

Step 4. Take one curled wire and use the round nose pliers’ thin tip to bend the inside end of the wire. Hold the inside end of the curled wire and start twisting the wire into the inside part of the wire. Make an even spiral inside the wire hoop.

Step 5. Continue curling the wire with the help of the flatter part of the pliers’ tip. Keep going until you make an open spiral.

Step 6. Stop curling the inside end of the wire if the wire is already curled like the picture.

Step 7. Now concentrate on other wire end. Position the outer wire end into the round nose pliers’ fattest part. Clamp the wire end and curl the wire end to make a loop.

Step 8. Keep twisting the wire end until you create a double loop circling one pliers’ jaw.

Step 9. Make another pair of the earrings using the same steps from steps #4 to #8 on the other wire that has been cut previously. The final look of the wires is seen from the picture. Make some adjustments if needed.

Step 10. It is optional. You can flatten and harden the earrings using the nylon hammer and the jewelry steel block.

Step 11. Insert one jump ring onto each earring top loop. Then, after the jump rings, insert one earwire onto each jump ring. Tada! Your spiral earrings are ready to wear.