Gold Fringe Tusk Necklace-by Loop Jewelry


Do you want to wear “one of a kind” necklace in the room? There is a way to make it comes true: make the original piece of art by yourself. The gold fringe necklace combines elegance vibe and mysterious aura at the same time. Which one you want to highlight?


  • Faux leather vinyl, 5×7 inches
  • Rorschach pattern (download online)
  • Thin chain, 8 feet long, cut into 19.5 inches length
  • Thick chain, 20 inches
  • Jump rings, 4mm, 21 pieces
  • A permanent market, black color
  • A double tape
  • A small scissor
  • A pair of pliers
  • A leather rotary punch

Step 1.

Browse the internet and pick the desired pattern. Don’t forget to print it out. Make sure you like the scale. If needed, you can get smaller or bigger pattern. Take the small scissors. Use it to cut the pattern. Be careful with the small details in the inner side.

Step 2.

Apply double tape to the pattern. Peel of the tape and press it on the vinyl leather. There should be no tape seen from the outside. Use permanent marker to trace the edges of the pattern. Make sure to leave thick lines. Don;t forget to paint the inner side as well.

Step 3.

Allow the marker to dry. Carefully, peel of the paper from the leather vinyl. Cut the pattern with care using small scissors. It helps a lot with tricky edges. Now you get  the pendant part of the necklace.

Step 4.

Set the leather rotary tool to the smallest hole setting. Take the leftover leather to test out the hole size. Now you will punch 19 holes on the pendant. Make sure they are distributed evenly.

Step 5.

Now it is time to create the hanging loop on the top. For these holes, make it bigger than the previous holes, but not too big. Attach small chain to the jump rings. Each jump ring gets one small chain only.

Step 6.

Take the pliers. Use it to hook the jump rings and small chains to the small holes on the bottom. Do it carefully for each hole. Make sure the jump ring is locked tightly. For the thick chain, it should be installed to the bog holes on the top.

Step 7.

Check again the jump rings attached to the lower part of the pendant. If you find any broken piece, it is better to change the ring.

Voila! Your necklace is ready to wear!