Wire Wrapped Pendants


Wire wrapped pendant is like the most favorite jewelry piece to make if you are a beginner. Check out the instructions to make it below.

Step 1. Hold two wires with the same length together. The wire length for this project is around 12”. This wire length is suitable for any average stones. Get hold of the middle parts of the wires and then twist them together. At least, you have to create three twists but you can add some more.

Step 2. Push two wires at their twist apart bottoms until you create a V. This V shape will be to place the stone. Hold two wires tightly and thrust the twisted wire up until the twist lies beside the stone. Make sure that these two wires are on the stone’s each side and are directing to another stone’s side. Check to see that the two wires will be like L.

Step 3. Put the twist beside the stone at one side. Then, bind the ends of two bottom wires around the stone’s bottom until the wire ends cross. Next, twist these two wires altogether. Shove the twist up beside the stone. Up to this step, you can twist the wires just how you like them to be. You can also create more twists.

Step 4. Then, divide these two wires at each side. Cross each wire over stone front and cross over stone back. Now, you will have two wires at front and two wires at back.

Step 5. Keep the twists that you create on the stone and decide where you want to place the twists. While doing so, make sure to always press the stone down until it reaches or is near the opening.

Bend the front two wires. Shove these two wires from each stone side into the front side. It is to make the wires are closer to the stone whenever you twist them together. Repeat the same step to twist the two wires crossing the back stone.

Step 6.  Keep on twisting and changing sides until the wires reach the stone top. After the wires are all reaching the stone top, make some bail with two wrapped loop. Tweak the remaining wire into the loop’s neck back. Cut the wire and then tamp the wire down at the back.

Step 7. This wrapping method is suitable for any stone variation. This wrapping is perfectly suitable for large flat stones or any crystal stones. But, generally, you can use any stones that you want. It is very neat and very secure.