How to Make 2-Hole Seed Bead Triangle Earrings


General Tips

To make elegant earrings, it is suggested to use Czech beads combined with Swarovski pearls. The color of these beads are slightly shiny, therefore some people call it silky beads. The jewelry makers would love to have the shapes and sizes variant, too. Thanks to the double holes, it is possible to make more connections with the other beads.


  • 6 pieces of round Swarovski pearls (6mm)
  • 36 pieces of seed beads (size eight)
  • 25 mm thick monofiliment thread as needed
  • 2 pieces of jump rings (5mm)
  • 1 pair of earring hooks
  • 1 small pliers
  • 1 scissors

Step By Step Guidance

Step 1. Use scissors to cut 60cm of the thread. Then, prepare three size eight beads and three 6mm ones. Thread the size eight first and followed by the 6mm beads. Repeat the process until all the prepared beads are gone. To help threading process, use a needle.

Step 2. Make a loop. After threading the first six beads, bring the thread to the first bead. Push the thread to go through the size eight beads. Don’t forget to leave 10cm thread behind.

Step 3. Make the core of the triangle earrings. Surely but gently, pull the loop. The sides should touch the beads next to it.

Step 4. Using the thread that comes out from the size eight beads after loop making, add three size eight more.

Step 5. To make the first corner of the triangle, guide the thread back to the first size eight and pull it tightly.

Step 6. Lead the needle to slip the 6mm and size eight of the triangle core. Make sure to go anti-clockwise.

Step 7. Now add three size 8 and create another triangle corner. Don’t forget to pull the thread tightly.

Step 8. Repeat the previous process after leading the thread through the 6mm and one size eight beads, going anti-clockwise.

Step 9. Lead the thread through the 6mm beads. Add one size eight bead.

Step 10. Now take the thread to enter three size eight beads added in the beginning.

Step 11. Add one more size eight bead.

Step 12. Thread goes to the 6mm bead. Pull it tight.

Step 13. Do similar procedure to the other corners. Make sure to pull the thread tightly, otherwise there will be no triangle shape.

Step 14. Take one jump ring and put it on one of the triangle corner.

Step 15. Add the triangle accessories to the earring hook. Repeat the process to make one more earring.