How to Make Double Drop Leather Earrings with Turquoise


To make this project, you have to collect some supplies. The tools and materials to make these turquoise earrings are:

  • Flat pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • 5mm silver copper wire
  • Earring hooks
  • Turquoise beads
  • Tibetan spacer beads
  • Headpins
  • Coffee leather cord

Step 1. Prepare the coffee leather cord and cut two pieces of cords sized 10 cm and 12 cm long. Then, using these two cords, bind them altogether into one teardrop shape with two layers. Take the silver wire and cut it down for about 15cm long. Bind the wire circling the four ends of the leather cord altogether. Bind the cord ends from the bottom part up to the top part.

After the wire reaches the top cord, make small loop and bind the loop with the wire several times to tightly form the loop shape. Continue binding the cord ends from top and back to the bottom until all the cord ends are covered with wire.

Step 2.  Prepare one Tibetan spacer bead and one turquoise bead. Take the headpin and use this headpin to string both of the beads altogether. Then, at the headpin end, create a loop using round nose pliers. Tada!

Your beads dangle is ready! If you want to make some variations, you can choose some turquoise beads which are different in terms of sizes and colors. You can make some leather earrings from various turquoise beads.

Step 3. After the beads dangle is ready, the next step is to attach this dangle into the small or the short leather cord. Open the loop up using the pliers and attach it into the cord. Then, secure the joint by close the loop once again.

Step 4. Insert the earring hook into the earring loop. Open up the loop at the bottom of the earring hook and then insert it into cord loop. Then, close the loop by pressing it with the pliers. Make sure to maintain the shape of the loop.

Step 5. Using the same steps, make a pair for the earrings. Yes, your double layered leather cord earrings are ready to wear.

This project is very suitable for beginners as it is considered to be very simple and easy to make. You just need to follow the instructions to make these beautiful leather earrings. You can also make some matching jewelry using the same materials, for example: turquoise leather necklaces or bracelets. Fighting!