5 DIY Easy Rings – Braided & No Tools!


This ring looks good and it appears that it is easy to make as well. You may need to prepare more materials than usual, but it takes a flash to make it nicely. Follow these steps below.


  • Marker
  • Wire cutter
  • Copper wire sized 20 gauge (ring no.1, no.2 and no.5)
  • Gold copper wire sized 18 gauge (ring no.3)
  • Silver copper wire sized 18 gauge (ring no.4)
  • Sliver copper wire sized 26 gauge (ring no.4)
  • Silver copper wire sized 20 gauge (ring no.5)
  • Gold copper wire sized 20 gauge (ring no.5)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Knife
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue sticks
  • One dark blue-green bead (ring no.1)
  • Small blue beads (five with coating and five with no coating; ring no.2)
  • Swarovski crystal (ring no.3)
  • Frosted bead-silver (ring no.4)

Step 1. Make ring no.1

  • Cut the copper wire and then fold it up into two. Make two of them. Add the second folded wire into the first folded wire. Coil the wires top altogether to make them in place.
  • Braid the wires like braiding the hair. Insert the dark blue-green pearl into the center wire after the braiding getting for about one inch long. Bind the bead with two other wires. Then, continue the braiding.
  • Take the marker and bind the wire circling it to form the ring shape.
  • Remove the ring from the marker and cut any leftover wire with the wire cutter.
  • Use the wire cutter to bend the ring ends into some small loop. After the ends are inside the loop, press the ends down so that they will be flattened.
  • Bend two wire ends facing up and one middle wire end down to lock the ring braid.

Step 2. Make ring no.2

  • Cut the wire and then fold it into half. Make two of them. Joint the wires and coil the top.
  • Braid the wire. During each braiding, insert one small bead.
  • Make variation on the color of the small beads. Mix the coated beads and the uncoated beads.
  • After you get two inches of the braiding, finish the ring just like ring no.1

Step 3. Make ring no.3

  • Braid the wire exactly as ring no.1
  • Coarsen the ring surface using knife and file both top and back surface. It is to make the glue stick better onto the ring.
  • Bind the ring into marker. Attach the crystal top onto the ring. Use the sticky tape on your finger to help you hold the crystal. Glue the surface of the ring beforehand. Press the crystal onto the glue.
  • Apply the glue at the back side of the crystal. Then, flatten the glue.
  • After the glue is dry, cut the overload glue using the knife. The idea is to keep small glue around the crystal.

Step 4. Make ring no.4

  • Braid the wire as the braiding for ring no.1. Take small sliver wire to insert the bead into the ring.
  • Use this small wire as a needle and sew the frosted silver bead into the ring.
  • After the sewing is finished, cut the remaining wires at both ends. Hide the wire cut in the loop.

Step 5. Make ring no.5

Cut the copper wire, the silver wire, and the gold wire. Follow the steps for making ring no.1 to braid and finish the ring.