Bangle Bracelet Tutorial


General Information:

The purpose of creating a bangle bracelet is to own fitting jewelry without having difficulties while putting it on. Bangle bracelet is retractable, but the material won’t wear out within years. The wire knot in this design also add elegance touch to the pretty bracelet. No wonder, many people are looking for the tutorial.


  • one piece of bracelet charm of your choice
  • one pack of memory wire
  • two pieces of silver jump rings
  • one piece of heart-shaped crystal pendant
  • one pack of bead mix
  • two pieces of round-shaped metal beads
  • one pliers for bending
  • one cutter
  • jewelry pliers (flat nose and chain nose)

Step By Step Guidance:

Step 1. Take the bending pliers and make a loop on the end of the memory wire. Make sure it faces outward.

Step 2. Take out the bending pliers and change it to the flat nose one. Now bend the wire to 90 degree angle.

Step 3. Slide in one metal bead to the wire. Don’t be surprised to see that the size of the metal wire is bigger than the loop at the end. It helps to support the beads and hold them in place.

Now slip the beads to your pattern. Add metal bead in every other pairs. Measure the length so it won’t be longer than six inches. There should be blank wire on the end with no loop.

Step 4. Get the charms ready by installing the jump rings to each of them. Be careful when opening the rings; try to twist instead of forcefully spread the ring apart.

Step 5. Cut the memory wire using the cutter. Make sure you have left enough blank wire: approximately 1½ inches from the overlapping part. Hook the end cut to the first wire line. Slide in the charms through the open ended wire. Take the bending pliers and make inward loop with slight opening.

Step 6. Bring the flat nose pliers and use it to make 90-degree bend. It has to face upwards if the first loop face downwards. Attach the loop to the wire and lock it.

Step 7. Do a little experiment to the finished product. Try to open the bangle bracelet. Pull the metal beads in the middle of the pattern to force the wire to expand. The pressure from the beads should be enough. Now try to close it. You only need to squeeze gently on both sides.