How to Make a Wire-Wrapped Hoop


Hoop earrings are always pleasant to make. The basic technique isn’t hard to master while it is never out of style. The following tutorial will help you to make the basic hoop. As soon as you master it, the possibilities for variations are endless.


  • Pliers, the round nose, needle nose and flat nose
  • 12 inches long wire, choose anything you like. This project uses 16 gauge 14/20 round rose gold wire
  • A pair of ear hooks
  • Something in round shapes to form the hoop
  • File

The Making Steps:

1The first thing to do is to measure your wire. The most common sizing for everyday use will 6 inches. However, 4.5 to 5 inches sizing is often better for those who prefer smaller earrings. Make sure to cut them both all at once so you have consistent length and end.

2If you use wire cutter, the ends can be a little crimped and this can be an issue for those who care a lot on details. Use the file to flatten the ends so when they are press against each other, you have neat ends.

3We’re going to swoop the wire. Decide on the direction first and understand that it will be your inner diameter. The swoop should be upward and to the right. On backwards direction, make a small circle using the round nose pliers. This circle will be perpendicular to the original curve. Make sure the circle is large enough so the opposite end can get through but don’t be too large so it looks sloppy.

4Mark the center of your wire and put the thing you want to use to form the shape there. It doesn’t have to be completely center but make sure it is close. This will help you to make the hoops with more consistent sizing.

5To create the hoop, press both wires with gentle pressure. It allows you to get slower process and to avoid misshaping, which often happens when you give hard pressure on the wire. Do it slow so the shape is perfect and fit.

6When both ends start to meet each other, press the end that doesn’t have a loop a little harder so it barely gets into the hole. Quickly, make sure that end fits well in the hole. Faster fitting ensures there is no more bending on the wire.

7Take the needle nose pliers and make small circles. The filed end should meet the earring neck on this phase. Take the flat nose pliers to fix wonky parts of the earrings. By then your earring is ready. Repeat the technique for the pair.