How to Make Mixed Color Jade Beads Wire Wrapped Earrings


General Information:

There are a lot of creation of wire and beads pairing. The inspiration might come from any items: daily objects, building or even living things. Moreover, this earring variation is quite popular, as the wire is stronger than standard thread. Thus, you can make wearable and durable jewelry to your personal taste.


  • a piece of heart glass pendant (faceted, 10mm)
  • a pack of glass bead (abacus, 6mm)
  • a pack of aluminum wire (1.5mm)
  • a pack of brass wire (0.5mm)
  • a pack of eyepin
  • a pair of earring hooks
  • a set of jewelry pliers (flat nose, side cut and round nose)

Step By Step Guidance:

Step 1. Cut the wire to 20cm length. Take cylindrical item and wrap one loop around it. The object doesn’t have to be big; a chopstick will do. Hold the half part on the right side. Grab the round nose pliers and swirl the wire downwards. For the first round, take anti-clockwise direction.

Now take the loop to the opposite direction, so the wire resembles “eight” curves. If there is any leftover, then make another loop to similar direction as the first round.

Step 2. Copy the position shown in the picture. If needed, make several adjustments.

Step 3. Repeat the looping procedure and follow the right steps: twirl right-left-right.

Step 4. Take one eyepin and slide one glass bead on it. Lock the end with a loop. Repeat the process until you have nine pins with beads.

Step 5. Make triangle setting for the heart pendant. Prepare wire to 5cm length. Guide the pendant through the hole and leave around 1/3 inches.

Step 6. Using pliers, make a twist on two ends. Grab the shorter wire so it could be wrap around the longer one.

Step 7. Take the long leftover wire from the pendant setting and make a loop using round nose pliers. Repeat the wrapping steps until no wire is left. Use flat nose pliers to knot the tail end.

Step 8. Connect the beads and heart charms. The order goes like this: three beads first, then the heart pendant. Repeat the process to get three sets of beads.

Step 9. Cut brass wire to 5cm length. Tie this wire to the large loop, the one you make for the first time. Look at the shown picture and make hanger as well.

Step 10. The last step is hanging and locking the beads line to the wire chandelier.