How to Make Beaded Necklace with Buffalo Horn


While beaded necklace is already cool as it is, some people are even going overboard by adding animal horn between the beads. It is a popular tribal and bohemian look while the horn doesn’t necessarily have to be real animal horn. You can actually find beads that look identical with real animal horn. This project will show you how to make one with buffalo horn beads for the same menacing and tribal look.

Supplies and Tools

  • Beads, this project uses black wooden beads
  • Horn bead, this project uses buffalo horn bead
  • Cord, this project uses waxed cotton cord
  • Needle
  • Scissor

Step 1. Measure the length of the necklace that you desire. Make sure to add several inches so you can use it to tie up the necklace later. Then, cut the cord using scissor. When you are done, thread in the cord into a wooden bead and the horn bead. If the holes are too tiny, use the needle to make sure you can thread in the cord. Tie the cord to make sure they stay.

Step 2. Make a little space, around an inch, and tie a knot on each cord. We are going to thread in the cords into more wooden beads. In this project, we thread in the cords into three wooden black beads for each cord.

Then when you are done adding the beads, make a knot again after the beads to stop them from moving. The knot here functions as a kind of stopper for the beads. This is why you don’t need glue.

Step 3. Repeat step 2 if you want to add more beads in the necklace. In here, we add fewer and fewer bead as the necklace goes higher for a little variation. Make sure to tie the knot as close as possible to the beads. You can use the needle to help you make a close and tight know. See the picture below to learn how to do it.

Step 4. When you are done adding beads for the necklace, it is time to make the final touch for it. On each side of the cord, make an adjustable knot. Take a cord to the other side to make it so the necklace will be easier to wear and to take off. Try if the measurement is fit, and cut the excessive length of the cord to tidy it up.

Step 5. If you have more beads and you want the necklace to be full of beads, you don’t need to separate beads with knots. The picture below shows other variation you can make using the same steps and method. Just make sure to add the horn first to make it the focal point.