Special Pearl Ring DIY


Before starting the project, prepare the following supplies:

  • Ring mandrel or anything similar
  • Flush cutter
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • 10mm Swarovski pearl
  • 4mm small wire for binding
  • 1mm wire for the ring

Step 1. Take 1mm wire and cut it for about 10cm long. Then, use the round nose pliers to clench the wire end. Roll this wire end circling the pliers’ jaws until the wire end meets its initial position. Grab the loop with the chain nose pliers, then, twist the loop so that it sits in central. After the loop is centered, twist it up to make the right angle.

Step 2. Position the loop beside the mandrel and hold the wire end tightly. Bind the wire circling the mandrel. If you use the ring mandrel, make sure to add one number as the wire length will be shortened out for a bit. If you want your ring to be size 6, then position the wire at size 7.

Step 3. After you curl the wire, adjust the position of the ring at the ring size that you want. Then, take the flush cutter and trim the wire end in the position where it touches the wire loop.

Step 4. Remove the ring from the mandrel and make one more loop at another wire end. To get the same size of loop, you can firstly mark the pliers for the loop binding. The pliers shown from the picture are marked and this mark is required 10mm wire. This loop size is perfect as the size of the Swarovski pearl is also 10mm.

Step 5. Twist the second loop as previous loop so that it can be centered and angled similarly.

Step 6. Take 0.4mm wire and cut it for about 30cm long. Attach one end of the wire into the loop top and secure the joint by binding the wire for several times.

Step 7. Insert the pearl into the wire from its long end. Then, bind the wire circling the opposite loop and drag it back throughout the pearl hole and arrive at the first loop. Bind the wire circling the first loop and drag it back throughout the pearl hole reaching the second loop. Repeat this motion several times.

Step 8. Cut the overload wire. Secure the cutting by bending it down inside the pearl hole. Then, check if the wire ends and the binds are already smooth and neat. Make some adjustments. Now, your pearl ring is ready to wear.