DIY Men’s Bracelet Blue Fabric Bracelet with Silver by Galismens


Today’s project is to make a simple bracelet from a leather cord and a coin. The steps are easy to follow. Furthermore, the materials and tools needed for this project can be easily found. The bracelet is later on easy to adjust. The bracelet can be made for any wrist depending on the length of the leather cord that you use.

Step 1. Prepare the materials and tools for this project. They are: scissors, the leather cord (one yard), and one antique coin. You can choose any coins that you want to use in this bracelet. This project uses African coin.

Step 2. After the materials and tools are ready, the first thing to do is to take the yarn of the leather cord or string. Then fold the leather cord into half and then cut it. Take one part of the leather cord to be folded one more time. This cord will be used to make easy bend for the bracelet top. Make sure not to cut it. After the cord is being folded into half, pass the bend into the coin center as seen in the picture.

Step 3. Make the loop from the dangling strands throughout the bigger loop by inserting the loop into the big loop and bend it into half. You can refer to the picture.

Step 4. Then, pull the cord tightly. Make sure not to break the cord. After one side of the bracelet is nicely done, take one remaining leather cord and repeat the steps for the half part of the coin or the opposite side of the first cord. The look of the bracelet should be like in the picture. Make any necessary adjustments if needed!

Step 5. Knot two strands of the leather cords into one. The knotting is to connect them into one nice leather cord bracelet. You can see how the knotting is made from the picture. It is kind of hard to explain it one by one. Follow the steps from the picture.

Step 6. Previous step is to make small loop tunnels on one side of the cord. Then, insert two strands of the cord from one side of the cord throughout the tunnels.

Step 7: After the strands pass the tunnels, pull them tightly. After one side is finished, repeat the same step to finish the other side of the cord. Your bracelet should be like what is shown in the picture. You can make any adjustments.

Your bracelet is done. You can try to pull the bracelet on each side to make sure that the knot is not too tight and the bracelet can easily slide back and forth. If the bracelet is able to do so, it means your DIT bracelet is a big success. You can give this handmade leather bracelet for someone special for you.